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All it's very strange...
All it's very strange
Company Sony is the largest corporation on home appliances and electronics release.
Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka have created company Sony in 1946. Originally the company was called as Tokyo Cusin Kogio Kabusiki Kaisa. And since 1958 — Sony.

In 50th years Sony began to make the first radio receivers (ТР-55).
In 1960 Sony starts release of the first transistor TV (TV8-301), and in 1965 — the first videorecorder (CV-2000).

First colour TV Sony has appeared in 1968 (Trinitron KV-1310). There is a cassette tape recorder, a videocamera and a portable player — Walkman (Freestyle — for Swedes, Stowaway — for British and Soundabout — for Americans) Later. In 1983 together with company Philips Sony for the first time represents on the world market compact discs (CD). Games hookup Sony Play Station is issued since 1994.

Sony — one of the most creative companies creating hundreds of novelties annually (in 1990 Sony presented more than 500 new models, that is almost on two novelties in day).
Now corporation Sony is also the media company (record-label Sony Music Entertainment, film studios Columbia Pictures and TriStars Pictures).

Experts declare, that cost Sony approximately in 37,5 billion dollars. At factories Sony worldwide now work about 173 thousand persons.

And still, Sony constantly invents something not clear
…of what me one of these days have once again convinced.

This time corporation Sony has caused a stir. Viewing of the official
Preview trailer of clearness has not added...