Car Trends + [installation]

Publications about Banksy arise with an enviable regularity. For all are known, that it creates on city walls, however recently debuted in an installation genre. Event took place to Greenwich-Villidzh, bohemian area of Manhattan, the project «The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill», a simulating pet-shop has opened.

In main show-window Banksy has built the object reminding an open-air cage for large predators. Inside, on a branch the leopard has a rest.

On closer examination it appears, that it is in the smart image the combined coat from artificial fur. One more installation is arranged in the form of hen house where chickens are slices of the fried chicken fillet. Chickens have surrounded a bowl with ketchup and...

In a dry aquarium "live" and hot dogs — the sausages laid in rolls move, in the aquarium round and filled with water fish sticks "float". The toy rabbit tries on pearl necklaces, the monkey-robot watches TV and listens to music through ear-phones.