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Blogs — a World Trend of 21th Century

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Blogs are a force

We have got used to trust same, as we. If the neigbour says, that in the next shop today stale eggs, to us will not come at all in a head to check it — at once we will go to other shop. Better the personal recommendation still have thought up nothing.

Blogs are an excellent way not to invent a bicycle

In this world exists not so many questions on which the mankind searches for answers.
Most likely someone to you already has found the answer or the problem decision over which you now fight. Simply enough to ask a question in one of communities, and you receive the answer. Correct. Volume. And quickly.

Blogs it's very convenient

In them there is nothing superfluous you form an information field of the blog, adding that volume of the information which are capable to digest.

Blogs are a confidence that you are necessary to someone

Than we were engaged on a life, the most valuable, that at us is, it ourselves. And where has brought us a life, we will always find time to publish the thoughts, emotions, to share them with the world and to see, that — Yes! Yes! Yes! — these thoughts are necessary to someone, they are popular.