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Illusive Japan

Illusive Japan

The most favourite entertainment in Japan epoch Edo (1600-1867) were the story of terrible histories about ghosts and demons. Told by turns, after end of the history the story-teller extinguished one of fixtures. Also it became even more terrible.

Told as a rule in the summer — say, that with fear you grow cold, therefore the terrible history as never freshened in the hot summer evening, bulked up a ring of cicadas. Some story-tellers even specially invited. And they also did not refuse.

The infinite history about the person who has gone astray was one of the most popular. "He searches where to stop on a lodging for the night. In the distance he notices a spark and leaves to the house. In the house a back to a door the old woman sits and is engaged in sewing. Whether «It is possible to stop at you?" — the traveller asks.
"Please", — and turns to the guy in a profile...
And there … there is either no eyes, or a nose, a mouth — in general anything!
The person cries out and in horror runs out from the house.
Having recovered the breath he notices on road of other traveller with the cart, having come nearer begins tells, about that that so has frightened him. The person with the cart carries a hood in darkness it is not visible his faces.
And suddenly it is the person lifts a head and asks: "Such look saw?", the moonlight beam gets under a hood, and at that, a look — exactly as well as at the old woman — without eyes, without a nose, without a mouth...".

And in some Buddhist temples till now it is possible to meet mummies of demons and reductions. Do not trust? Admire for example on this demon.