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Made in Japan
Japan mapIf Japanese in what are an expert, so it in electronics and in a hara-kiri. From the Japanese meal the stomach is ill me, the Japanese literature bores me, the Japanese theatre to me is not clear, the Japanese etiquette seems too pompous, the Japanese women are too appeasable, the Japanese cities too stuffy, the Japanese painting I in general never saw. For what I respect Japanese — so it for their electronic and home appliances. Here they geniuses.

I love Japan because it is the most postmodernist country in the world. In Japan you will not disassemble, where culture, and where the industry. There it has merged in one big Japanese Miracle which symbol could become a hara-kiri, made by means of the laser. Perhaps I the chauvinist, but all Japanese seem me abnormal — even Yukio Misima. Japanese for me all the same that humanoids. Though it seems to me, that soon all of us become for each other humanoids.

Japanese unsurpassed masters of a metaphor and in general any images. It, likely, language influence. Sony is too a metaphor. Sony is a metaphor of a life after TV occurrence. The only thing, that is necessary now for us, is new TV Sony, more flat, with more volume image and, of course, it is more. I always dreamt to live in apartment where there would be one bed, it is a lot of books and more than anything. I have missed the chance if it was, to live so.

TokioI think, that if was not Sony it would be necessary for nobody the Japanese cinema, a land. Sony has declared all that such "Japanese quality". The Japanese quality has extended on all. And now everything, that concerns to Made in Japan, is the sample high quality. Absolutely all.