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Roadster Audi R4 will recruit ranks exotic sportcars

Roadster R4

To the western journalists, similar, it was possible to find out in company Audi the information on the future to sportcar R8 which will arrive on the world market in three years.

Compact roadster Audi R4

According to foreign editions, Audi is going to make compact roadster R4 which will be executed on motives of the conceptual car eTron, presented in last month on the international motor show in Frankfurt. It is supposed, that serial version Audi R4 will divide a platform with Porsche Cayman and will take a place in a modelling number of the company between sportcar Audi TT and Audi R8.

Roadster Audi R4

Novelty will offer both with an electric power-plant, and with an internal combustion engine. Certainly hybrid variant which will receive on two motors on each axis the general power about 300HP and the twisting moment of 4500Nm is most interesting.

Technical characteristics of Audi R4

To 100 km/h dispersal for 5 sec., and the maximum speed will make an order of 225 km/h. To a full discharge li-ionic of batteries the electric version sportcar Audi R4 can pass of 250 km without a stop. The weight of accumulators will make 470 kg, and roadster gross weight — 1,5 tons.

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