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Closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games

The Olympic flag is proudly

The Olympic flag is proudly borne out of the Main Stadium where it has been since the Opening Ceremony.

Order of the Programme of the Closing Ceremony for the Games of the XVIII Olympiad.
16:40 Preparation completed. A detailed account of the order of events of the ceremony is broadcast into the Stadium.
16:58 Arrival of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan at the Royal Box.
16:59 Playing of the Japanese National Anthem.
17:00 Entrance of the standard bearers and athletes
17:25 Hoisting of three flags and playing of the National Anthems of Greece, Japan and Mexico
17:28 Pronouncing the closing of the Games
17:30 Farewell to the Sacred Olympic Fire
17:33 Lowering the Olympic Flag and its parade from the Stadium
17:37 Salute of guns
17:38 Farewell chorus
17:40 Exit of standard bearers and athletes
18:00 His Majesty the Emperor leaves the Stadium.
18:01 Fireworks
Olympic flag which had flown during