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Olympic FIAT

Olympic FIAT

The history of modern Olympic games totals hardly more than hundred years — the first Games of our time have been spent in Athenes in 1896.

Then the Olympic Games had also a first sponsor — company Kodak. And the Italian concern FIAT — on winter Games of 1956 in Cortina d'Ampezzo became the first motor-car manufacturer who has given the cars for needs of Olympic organising committee.

In total in four years in Italy there have passed one more Olympic Games — summer Games of 1960 which were spent in Rome. Therefore the Italian motor-car manufacturer could fix the sponsor's success, again having provided Olympians with transport: FIAT has put at disposal of organising committee of the Roman Games 284 cars. By the way, the Italian manufacturers of motor scooters have participated in these Olympic Games also — 100 scooters Vespa were allocated with company Piaggio, and 100 more — company Innocenti.

Hardware on the Roman Olympic Games

It had been decided at Tokyo that the canoeing events be limited to seven and that the K4 and long distance events be excluded from the pro­gramme. The International Canoeing Federation protested against the exclusion of the K4 and succeeded in having the question reviewed during the Monaco Session of the IOC It should be stated that the International Canoeing Federation had, in effect, largely contributed to the lightening of the Olympic programme, canoeing events having been reduced from nine to seven and having voluntarily renounced the right to reserves which, in preceding Games, could have amounted to 100% of the competitors. However, notwith­standing this, the International Canoeing Federations's request was not granted.

We feel that it should be pointed out that in spite of the reductions in question, the number of sports and events on the Olympic programme of Rome called for considerable effort, concentration and financial backing.

The International Olympic Committee should bear in mind for the future that the volume of organisational work required by Olympic Games is beco­ming enormous as the result of the growing number of Olympic titles and of the steady increase in the numbers of National Olympic Committees which intend to participate in the Games.
In view of the above, the IOC should be extremely cautions when considering the insertion, in future Olympic programmes, of new sports or new events all of which lead basically to a substantial increase in participants.

Lastly, the experience obtained from the Rome Games shows that both the public and the organisers have come to a crucial point and namely to a point where Olympic Games cause a multitude of problems. It is becoming almost impossible for the public to follow the more interesting events whilst the organisers have considerable difficulty in making available sufficient well qualified personnel and substantial financial means for an enterprise of such dimensions.

All-wheel drive FIAT Sedici became the official car of Olympic games in Turin.

In total organising committee of the Olympic Games of 2006 has received such 2,000 cars in the order.

Fiat Sedici

In half a century to concern FIAT has carried once again. In 2006 the winter Olympic Games have taken place in the homeland of the Italian autoconcern — in located at bottom of the Italian Alpes Turin. And this time "Fiat" has put at disposal of Olympic organising committee already three thousand cars among which were not only mass models like Fiat Sedici, Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Croma, Fiat Panda 4x4, Fiat Idea, but also "bonus" Alfa Romeo 159, Alfa Romeo Crosswagon, Lancia Musa, Lancia Phedra, Lancia Thesis.