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New thing for Corvette from UgurSahinDesign


To several automobile masterful and private automobile designers one idea modern Corvette C6 in the sports car with elements of the Italian tendencies does not allow rest — to change.

Corvette C6

Some projects and remain on a paper, but a variant of a retrostyling from designer Ugur Sahin (UgurSahinDesign) in cooperation with studio Mallett Cars has allowed to embody idea in a reality.

Project Sahin from experts Mallett, proinvited Corvette Z03, has absolutely new body from carbon plastic which will manage to the buyer in 69 thousand dollars (disregarding cost of the donor).

Corvette C6

The technical stuffing of the car also is improved. The project 2009 USD Mallett Corvette Z03 will receive in a drain 700-strong V8 (7,0-litre LS7 from Corvette Z06), and the popular complete set will leave behind even Corvette ZR1 for can brag of 999HP received for the account of installation of the double turbine. The truth is necessary to the customer will fork up on round sums: almost 33 000 dollars for the version about 700HP and about $36,000US for a 999-strong variant.

2011 Chevrolet Corvette C6

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