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14 principles of management in company Toyota


1. Make administrative decisions with the account of long-term prospect even if it causes a damage to the short-term financial purposes.
2. Process in the form of a continuous stream promotes revealing of problems.
3. Use "extending" scheme to avoid overproduction. The organisation of work of manufacture demands, that the consumer has received that is required to it, during necessary time and in appropriate quality.
4. Level amounts of works. To create correct economical manufacture and to achieve improvement of quality of service, it is necessary to level the manufacture schedule, not always strictly following an order of receipt of orders.
5. Stop manufacture if manufacture goes to a damage to quality.
6. Standard problems and delegation of powers to employees — a basis of continuous perfection.
7. Use the visual control that any problem did not remain not noticed.
8. Use only the reliable, tested technology. Toyota Cars For Sale — here the main slogan.
9. Bring up leaders who thoroughly know the business, profess philosophy of the company and can learn it others.
10. Bring up uncommon people and form the commands professing corporate philosophy.
11. Respect the partners and suppliers, put before them difficult problems and help to be improved.
12. You wish to understand a situation — look at all the eyes.
13. Make the decision not hurrying up, having weighed all variants of decisions.
14. Make the company the trained organisation for the account of the indefatigable analysis and continuous perfection.

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