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Electrocar by Mitsubishi

Concept car Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi the electrocar iMiEV Sport under name Sport Air represents to public the newest generation. The premiere has taken place in Geneva.

Concept car by Mitsubishi

The new version is longer and above that which was to. In the form of a drop an electrocar the manufacturer describes design as more technological. The conceptual component essentially does not differ from the previous updating, but contours became more sharply. A transparent roof it is possible to open and enjoy fresh air.

In iMiEV Sport Air the aluminium spatial frame is applied. The double car is equipped with electromotors power of 60HP (power of an electric motor in comparison with iMiEV has grown with 47 to 60 kw).

As to new iMiEV it's possible to tell, that the prototype is close to serial model which will appear in the European car market in 2010.

MitsubishiMitsubishi, concept

2009 Mitsubishi iMiev Sport Air

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