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In Japan have grown up apples Apple

Japan, Apple

The Japanese fans of "apple" production have grown up apples with an image iPod and logo Apple on juicy pink flanks.

Brands-managers Apple can exult — the consumer have grown up advertising and initiated info-wave in the Network. Many brands about similar active love of the consumers need to dream and spend many millions for advertising and a brand-marketing only.

The technology of creation of agroproduction is simple — glue the necessary sticker on generated, but yet not ripened fruit, and wait while the sun will not make the industrial business. The method even has received the beautiful name "sun tatoo".

One more counter of the project — fans Apple used grade apples "Fuji". Precisely same name carries also one of the Japanese techno-brands, competing in any areas with Apple. Whether there was it a thin marketing course from consumers or is simple in a garden of the Japanese fans apple-trees only this grade grew, the English-speaking Network while holds back.

Box of apples

Apple tree

Labels on apples

Apple sticker