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It is exposed Banksy, in one copy

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Banksy — the king of street pictures and ­highly artistic vandalism. Has created an own brand of art on a cliche. Arts Banksy always contain a social message: the author ­ opposes wars, against capitalism, against globalisation and against infringement ­of the rights of animals.

Belief push the artist at times on inconceivable acts. Once Banksy has made the way in a zoo and has decorated pool with penguins ­an inscription «To us sickeningly from fish», and a shelter with an elephant — desperate «Make something! From the watchman stinks!»

Favourite ­entertainment Banksy — to get into any pathos museum and ­ to replace one of local pictures on own — forgery by time remains not noticed during several months.
Banksy carefully hides the name, but to correspondents ­ The Guardian all have got to the truth. The Graffiti-god call Robert Benks, it come from Bristol.
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On June, 13th in museum Queen Road (Bristol) the exhibition of works Banksy will take place. To last an exhibition of 12 days.
The museum is open: 10am to 5pm (entry is free).
Photo via Banksy's Bristol show.