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New Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano

New Murano it is made by means of a hookah and a water mattress. When new Murano drew appearance, the command of artists did not hesitate. The inspiration carried them on hands, the Buddha dragged hookahs one behind another and brushed away with the wings that have not sweated.

Then the serious boss has come and has told: «It's fine, guys, will suffice. All is normal. But I will not give an interior to you, you there one ashtrays" will draw", and to people to go it's necessary». And new Murano veterans of Nissan were engaged in interiors.
Three capacious slogans became the work motto:
«Fresh idea — a soap bubble»
«A creative — a toy for teenagers»
«Banality — best of muses»

The Name of Murano always meant — the originality!

Now, alas, nobody guarantees, that, for example, in following generation this epithet also will be fair for the big Japanese crossover. However, founders can make up for lost time by means of not ordinary technologies. For example, the body new Murano has the special highly elastic polymeric covering Scratch Shield restoring a paint and varnish surface after easy scratches: when the body heats up on the sun, small damages "are restored".

Old Murano at the moment of occurrence differed sports appearance, controllability of a minivan and the powerful motor. All it remains. The engine — the same, V6 3.5 l (249HP) and the twisting moment of 336Nm. The maximum speed is limited by electronics on a mark of 210 km/h, dispersal of 0-100 km/h makes 8 seconds Transmission — variator Xtronic CVT of new generation. By the way, Nissan to this day remains the unique manufacturer equipping CVT cars in weight more of two tons. All the others while use a variator only on easier cars.
I remember, how previous Murano fell on one side in turns and hardly kept on a straight line. All it has been carefully kept. A little in the world of cars, sitting in which, it is possible to laugh at how they go sincerely. I will list them. PT Cruiser in a body a cabriolet — that can be more amusing, than go for a drive in the disassembled refrigerator? Or four-litre Dodge Nitro — this cabin from a combine. Well and, of course, G55 AMG — a high-speed plate with a voice of a mad monkey. But still never I so did not fight in convulsions, as on Murano.

While I tried to enter correctly into turns, all went like clockwork: Murano willingly loaded a forward axis, leaning on a soft suspension bracket in all weight, and answered the helm. Anybody also will never miss at the wheel Murano. Nissan wished to make the car comfortable as a soft wide angular sofa, having forgotten, that such furniture in general badly is on friendly terms with wheels.
Not ideally at the car only the relief bottom. Many impudently acting parts — a forward stretcher, the muffler and, that is especially a pity, a plastic petrol tank. Protection from below basically are absent. Therefore, on this car I would not go to mountains...
Nevertheless for a crossover passableness excellent. It's just necessary to be more easy and more circumspectly. Both out of roads, and on asphalt.

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