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Ford has decided to overtake GM

Concern Ford

Following the results of 2009 Ford Motor Company can overtake General Motors on a sales volume in the USA. To such conclusion experts Autodata Corp. have come, having studied data of June sales in the United States. Following the results of June the marks entering in Ford (except Volvo which is planned to sell), occupied 17,2% of the market of the USA. At the same time four brands forming "new GM" (Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick), supervise only 16,5 % of the market.

Experts predict the further outflow of consumers from General Motors to Ford. "Many admirers of mark Pontiac are not interested in other brands GM, — analyst IHS Global Insight John Volkonovits makes comments. — the Young women of working trades making a considerable part of clients Pontiac to buy do not begin definitely Buick".

If Ford will outstrip GM on a sales volume in the USA, it will occur for the first time almost for 80 years. Last time GM conceded Ford in the American market in 1930.