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The Pakistan tuning
It is considered to be that the most abrupt tuners it is Americans and Scandinavians. And meanwhile in South East Asia tuning of lorries is developed very strongly. Well certainly with their Asian bias. That for us it is beautiful, for them it is interest does not represent.

In Pakistan, for example, to lorries the relation not to compare with ours. They have a whole cult of lorries. And despite the fact that what traffic rules there nobody knows and does not observe, lorries there very much respect.

On any road for them politely make way, they are always right. After all in these regions all transportations are carried out only by lorries. And they carry meal, water and other goods, and lives of people depend on it. Can from for it they and use such respect. And their drivers in literal sense idolise, after all for many of them it is a unique piece of bread, the unique supporter. If you have the lorry, you almost the king, the dear person. And in the Asian countries such relation in any business usually develops into a cult.
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