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Queen Monaco Yacht Show
Water supercar
Yacht XSR48 of company XSMG Marine name "sea Bugatti Veyron" as in a high-speed category this superboat is comparable only with such supercars as Bugatti, and can still Pagani Zonda or Ferrari Enzo. From all motor "natatorial" this boat which is accelerating momentum of 100 miles/hour, is the fastest on a planet the Earth. Actually, the yacht also has impressed with it visitors of an exhibition, many of which liked idea to reach favourite azure coast fastest.

XSR48 Have a stuffing identical to "interiors" of the sports car. The yacht works on two turbo-motors Isotta Franschini in volume of 11,3 litres.
The yacht salon has height of 1,8 metres, inside there are four leather anatomic armchairs G10, in a nasal part there is a 2-metre sleeping bed, two leather sofas, the conditioner, and also a refrigerator, a microwave, a bowl with cold and hot water. Pleasant addition are glasses with a firm logo of the company.
Luxury powerboat
Naturally, that liking all it is well far not to everyone.
Superhigh-speed XSR48 can get only what budget will not strongly suffer from loss of 1,2 million dollars.
Powerboat Water