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2010 Mazda CX-7 (crossover)

Mazda CX-7

Japanese automobile company Mazda has presented on starting today international the motor-show in Geneva the updated sports crossover CX-7.

New Mazda CX-7

Now the car is equipped with the new engine — a turbodiesel of MZR-CD in volume of last generation of 2,2L with system of direct injection Common-Rail. The maximum power of the given unit is equal 173HP, and the maximum twisting moment — 400Nm. The average expense of fuel makes 7,5 l/100 of km, and level of emission СО2 is equal 199/km the Turbodiesel is equipped by new system of clearing of the fulfilled gases (SCR) which is used for the first time on cars Mazda. Besides a turbodiesel, for CX-7 also petrol motor MZR DISI in volume of 2,3L with a turbo-supercharging, developing the maximum power in 260HP and the maximum twisting moment equal of 380Nm still is offered.

Updated Mazda СХ-7 have equipped with new system of navigation with the display of the high permission. Systems of monitoring of space behind the car (RVM) and preventions of emergency braking (ESS), thereby having increased active safety were added also. Modernisations the chassis components, allowed to improve controllability and manoeuvrability of the car have undergone. In particular, on CX-7 there were new shock-absorbers. The crossover body became more rigid. So, the car is completed with firm system of a full drive with active redistribution of the twisting moment which provides excellent characteristics in any road conditions.

Mazda CX-7

2010 Mazda CX-7

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