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The American police will receive is made the new super-car

Super police car

In America specially for police the new police car is developed.

American company Carbon Motors has designed for guards of an order absolutely new car, worthy films of the Hatch of Besson.

The majority of modern police cars are altered from usual cars. On them hang flashing beacons, complete with sirens, paint or paste over with a coloured film. At the best strengthen a suspension bracket and modernise the engine. In the rest cars of fighters with criminality differ nothing from by what there go usual citizens.

But in 2012 the situation can change thanks to efforts of experts of company Carbon Motors which prepare real "the police car".

The body of the super car is made of a special material, the engine diesel and can work on biofuel. The motor power of 300 h.p. Disperses the car to 100 km for 6 seconds. The terminator of the maximum speed rests against 250 km/hour. At the car 18-inch wheels with tyre covers of different width. The drive only back, but for a city of it is quite enough.

The car "under an outset" is stuffed by electronics: some chambers of supervision fixing all event around, powerful, not afraid of concussions, a dust and water the portable computer. There are even gauges of radioactive and biological infection.

Concerning the information price while is not present. Interested only have warned, that the novelty is comparable at cost to an ordinary patrol car, however to buy the car to usual citizens it will be impossible. Served car or will sell in other law-enforcement division, or will return on factory for recycling.