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Aston Martin searches for new investors

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The British manufacturer of magnificent cars Aston Martin searches for investors on purpose to receive a reliable source of financing in the conditions of crisis.

Thus the head of company Ulrih Bets has declared, that the Kuwaiti investment fund Investment Dar which is the largest shareholder Aston Martin, is not going to sell the share. U.Bets also has informed, that the management of the autocompany with the big scrupulousness concerns searches of the new long-term investor, and has noticed, that interest in Aston Martin show not only the Arabian businessmen.

Let's remind, that in December of last year representatives Investment Dar have declared intention to sell 20% of the share in Aston Martin. However, according to U.Betsa, the investment fund will not sell the actives, as Aston Martin — the basic and most serious investment of the investment Kuwaiti shareholders. But, as the autocompany requires financing, U.Bets already carries on negotiations with the investors which names are kept a secret, and hopes during the nearest three, a maximum of six months to find money for development Aston Martin.

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