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Company Lotus has Project of the Future Car

Electro Lotus

The division of the manufacturer of sports cars Lotus — Lotus Engineering — by request of British magazine Automotive Engineer has developed a prototype of the city subcompact electrocar which gives representation how, according to designers, the car of similar type in 2015 will look. As informs edition Car, such car is created specially for large megacities and intended only for short trips on a city, for example, from the house to shop and back.

Electro Lotus

The car is created on the basis of an easy aluminium spatial frame and on the dimensions (2600 mm at length and 1600 mm at width) even less, than minicar Toyota iQ. The novelty is equipped lithium-ionic by accumulators which are located in a floor and feed the 50-strong electromotor. The stock of a course at electropenalty Lotus makes approximately 48 kilometres, and the maximum speed is equal to 104 kilometres per hour.

Thus for increase in a distance of a trip the car design allows to complete the car with the additional complete set of accumulators, and also to use solar batteries. The full gymnastics of the electro-car should not exceed 3,5 hours. Now in "Lotus" do not plan to produce the similar car in lots, however in firm are ready to continue working out subcompact an electropenalty for any interested party.

Lotus concept

Concept Lotus

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