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GM will change corporate logo


American concern General Motors studies possibilities of change of corporate colour with dark blue on the green. In such a way the motor-car manufacturer is intended to show to consumers, that the updated company will be capable to make fast decisions and is reoriented on release of compact and ecologically pure cars.

New General Motors

The definitive decision on change of corporate colours is yet accepted — now this question while only is studied by special group, and consultations of a concern management are conducted. However if board GM agrees with this offer the concern logo will so considerably change for the first time for last 50 years.

Before "to give signal to start" "new GM" to which all basic actives of the American autoconcern will depart, the management plans to dismiss also about office 4000 workers and nearby 450 persons from management structure. Basically, it will be the personnel of closed factories, and also the enterprises of marks Hummer and Saturn which in the near future will replace the owner. In total after re-structuring the general number of the employees working in the USA on concern GM on a constant basis, will be reduced from 29,650 to 23,500 persons.

According to chief executive GM, the new company will receive other administrative structure and becomes more "mobile" in acceptance of the important decisions.

Earlier it was informed, that the court of New York which is engaged in bankruptcy GM, has approved sale of the majority of actives of concern. After end of procedure of bankruptcy (predictably, it should dare within a week) 60,8 percent of actives of the new company will depart to the government of the USA, 17,5 percent — to trade union, 12 percent — to the government of Canada, and 10 more percent — to creditors GM. Besides, the American authorities then plan to allocate "new GM" more than 33 billion dollars for renewal of manufacture of cars and a conclusion of the company from crisis.

New Epoch of GM