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Honda has presented in Shanghai a new Accord

Honda Accord

Honda Accord — known and popular model all over the world (Acura TSX in the USA).

Honda Accord/Acura TSX

And the exit restyling versions or new generation does not remain not noticed. Judging by conceptual design which is shown these days in Shanghai, all goes to that is fast Accord will go on "tightening".

Accord SR-9 has been designed together with the Chinese division of company Guangzhou Honda. Comparing the presented sample with the European and US analogues, is evident the forward bumper cut out in a new fashion. More aggressive design, a new lattice of a radiator, sharp corners and lines. Besides, on exhibition Accord it is visible new lateral thresholds and wheel disks. Nevertheless it is impossible to name external changes cardinal. But hardly who will argue, that new "appearance" will be apprehended by the world community on hurrah.

2010 Acura TSX

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