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Hybrids by: Toyota and Mazda

Toyota and Mazda

The world's largest Japanese motor-car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp.

Toyota Motor + Mazda Motor = ...

Intend to enter into the agreement on interaction in the market of hybrid cars with a benzinovo-electric motor, informs on Thursday Bloomberg referring to business Japanese edition Nikkei. This cooperation first of all is necessary Mazda as soon as possible to get access to the new automobile market of hybrids.

In spite of the fact that in both companies have refused to make comments on the message of the Japanese mass-media. In total in some hours actives Маzda, against this message, have risen in price for 12%. At Маzda «behind shoulders» more than 10 years of work on cars which go by hydrogen fuel. Such cars are more harmless, than electric "hybrids", but are on sale more expensively, and for their serial release to prepare an infrastructure hard enough. And here own "hybrids" at the company in a ruler are not present till now.

Almost 12 years ago Toyota was the first large autocompany which seriously was engaged in working out of the hybrid engines consisting of the electrogenerator and the usual petrol unit. In 1997 on light there was a first serial hybrid — Toyota Prius. Since then company operating time used Ford and Nissan. However, in each of these cases, it was a question of release of small lots of the cars.

Within the limits of joint project by Toyota will deliver to the partner the basic accessories which Mazda will use for the models. First cars Mazda with hybrid motors Toyota will appear not earlier than 2013. The manufacture total amount at the first stage will make only about 100 thousand cars. For Toyota the partnership is a quite good possibility to earn.

This year sales of third generation Toyota Prius have begun. Thus, in spite of the fact that because of crisis the Japanese company has reduced manufacture of the majority of the models, in that as to release of "hybrids" — manufacture plans are reconsidered only towards increase.

In Japan as notice in local association of motor-car manufacturers, only in June of sale new Prius have made more than 22,000 cars. Thus Prius it has appeared the most sold car in the homeland.

The third Prius has received more powerful motor — 1800 cubic centimetres against 1500. And the fuel expense is reduced almost by 10%. In Japan and the USA, the car the predecessor almost on $3,000US is on sale more cheaply, than.

Hybrid cars is actual for Europe, Japan and the USA...

On two last Toyota — is in the lead on sales with the big separation. And here Toyota in Europe go not so successfully. Sales are steadily reduced, and the share in the market makes only about 5 % (data ACEA). Faster to deliver cars to clients, next year Toyota plans to start the first factory in Europe, calculated on release of 20-30 thousand cars in a year.