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Japanese transform the Nissan M35 Stagea

Transformed Nissan

Japanese tuning company Kids Hearts has presented on a motor show in Nagoya the unusual "charged" universal constructed on the basis of model Nissan M35 Stagea.

Nissan M35 Stagea

The main change — to the serial family car experts of studio have attached "muzzle" from cult superpenalty Nissan GT-R, including a cowl, wide wings, headlights and a firm lattice of a radiator.

Data on that, has removed under a cowl of the universal 3,8-litre "six" with a double turbo-supercharging (480 horsepowers) from GT-R while is not present. I will remind, that the most powerful motor, from all serial versions Stagea, the 2,5-litre unit with a turbo-supercharging, developing 280 horsepowers is.

Besides, it any more the first variant of alteration Nissan Stagea in GT-R. Several years ago company Masa Motorsport has developed a set of details for the universal of last generation which copied appearance previous GT-R R34.

Nissan Stagea GT-R

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