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Mazda 3 MPS

Mazda 3 MPS

On the Geneva motor show company Mazda has presented new generation of most popular model Mazda 3 to turbo-updating MPS.

2010 Mazda 3 MPS

The car is equipped by 4 cylinder engine MZR 2.3L DISI Turbo with a turbo-supercharging and system of direct injection of fuel power in 191 kw (260HP), twisting moment — 380Nm.

Mazda Turbo

The maximum speed of the car — 250 km/h, dispersal to 100 km/h for 6,1 sec. The fuel expense in the combined cycle — 9,2L on 100 km, and in a city — 13,5L on 100 km. The car meets the requirements of the standard "Euro-5". The Transmission — 6-step mechanical, a drive — forward.

Outwardly, version MPS differs an air inlet on a cowl for cooler cooling. The salon is completed by the gauge of turbines and the course of an arrow of a tachometre (with 190 to 260 degrees) is increased.

Salon Mazda

New Mazda 3 MPS

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