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Mazda RX-8 + iPod = ?

Mazda RX-8

Today already to surprise nobody with a socket for iPod in the car, but that if to take this idea and to advance further — we will tell, to try… to operate the car by means of a player. It's unreal? Only not for this Mazda RX-8 — by means of the special program and usual iPod Touch the owner can give to the command car where that was!

All the matter is that the player is connected with the car on Wi-Fi, and the owner can open and close doors, a luggage carrier, to switch on and off the engine and to obtain telemetry data (how many in a fuel tank, with what speed the car and so on moves) in real time! The inventor even GPS has taken care, and now can always see car position on navigation chart Google! Hardly it is necessary to the car thief whom he will put an eye on this car — well still if it will simply close in salon…

It is a pity, it is not known, whether the developer wishes to continue the researches — instead of that it would be possible to dream up about management of a player inclination. Only present a physiognomy of the car thief which the owner of the car has decided to teach a good lesson and has brought directly to a police station! Several years ago it was a fantasy and destiny of films about the Agent 007, but already today it is enough to have iPod, the car, the laptop and direct hands to embody in a reality even the most courageous dreams!

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