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The new generation of a popular off-road car

Hyundai ix-onic

Some, the name of the new conceptual car from Hyundai — ix-onic — seems silly and any ridiculous.

Hyundai ix-onic

However on it claims to the car come to an end. It's necessary to tell, that the sketch showing what will be following generation of crossover Tucson, it has turned out rather nice.

The car became more and "more powerfully". The optics has changed: in forward headlights there were mobile shone elements. Easier speaking, the part of light-emitting diode lamps can appear in a headlight and back "leave" — looks interestingly.

Hyundai onic

The crossover ix-onic has received new engine Hyundai — 1,6-litre GDi with four cylinders power of 168HP. The engine works together with six-step transmission double-clutch. The car is equipped by system Start/Stop which has helped to lower exhaust СО2 in atmosphere to 149 gr/km.

Hyundai Crossover

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