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New Suzuki SX4

Suzuki SX4

The car will be offered 2010 modelling years in the special version — a hatchback with a forward drive. Till now the given type of a body was offered only in a combination with 4WD. Suzuki Motor plans to expand a number of complete sets accessible to model SX4. In the United States the car shortly will start to offer in special version SportBack. The main things distinctive feature of the new version of the car — a forward drive in a combination to a body a hatchback. Till now in the USA sedans SX4 were front-wheel only.

2010 Suzuki SX4

New SX4 SportBack will receive reduced, in comparison with the original version, a road gleam, and also will lose a luggage carrier on a roof, for creation of more sports appearance.

In comparison with SX4 Crossover, the novelty will possess smaller weight, but exact data while are not present. It is supposed also, that for all lineup SX4 engines will be modernised. So, power of the 2,0-litre petrol engine will grow to 150 h.p. It is expected also, that version Suzuki SX4 SportBack will be much more accessible under the price, rather than SX4 Crossover.

It is necessary to notice, that Suzuki continues to try to make SX4 in the USA even more attractively, after all it is one of the basic models providing sales. The considerable discount for cars 2009 modelling years equipped with mechanical transmission still is offered to buyers. Exit date on car market Suzuki SX4 SportBack is not called, but, apparently, it happens in the end of summer — the beginning of autumn. The company does not specify, whether there will be a similar version in other car markets.

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