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Nissan has presented in Geneva a minivan NV200

Nissan NV200

Within the limits of 79th international motor show in Geneva the Japanese automobile concern Nissan has presented for the first time family updating spacious minivan NV200. The new model will be made at several factories worldwide: in Japan manufacture start is planned for spring of 2009, in Europe — on second half of 2009, later manufacture in China and some other countries also will be started.

NV200 — new minivan by Nissan

For European car market NV200 it will be made at factory Nissan in Barcelona. In spite of the fact that the total length of model NV200 is little bit less 4,4 m, the length of a cargo part of a van exceeds 2 m (2040 mm). It also can be increased to 2,8 m if to combine a forward seat that will allow to transport lengthy subjects.

The seven-seater car is accessible with two types of engines — petrol and diesel, and the diesel engine has two updatings. The petrol version is delivered with the motor in volume of 1,6 l which is used also in models Micra, Note and Qashqai. 16-klapannyj the unit develops power in 108 h.p. And the twisting moment of 153 Nanometers also is delivered with a 5-step mechanical transmission. The base diesel engine completed also on model Note and Micra, represents 8-cylinder diesel unit Renault 1.5 dCi (K9K) power of 86 h.p. And with the twisting moment equal of 200 Nanometers.

Salon Nissan

The following equipment can be included in complete set NV200: an intellectual key, electric lifts of glasses and system ESP. The safety equipment in a standard complete set includes antiblocking system of brakes (ABS) with help system at emergency braking (BA) and electronic system of distribution of brake effort (EBD). The pillow of safety of the driver also enters into a base complete set, and additional pillows of safety for passengers are completed on a choice.

2009 Nissan NV200

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