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Nissan has presented in Japan a electrocar on the basis of Tiida

Nissan Tiida

Company Nissan Motor has presented at head office in Yokohama the following prototype of electromobile Nissan Tiida.

New Nissan Tiida

The presented car is equipped by the electric motor, and also the storage battery located under the bottom of the car that allows to keep space in salon and in luggage carrier Tiida. The stock of a charge of the storage block will suffice for journey of 160 km, the newspaper writes. During model representation operational director Nissan Motor has declared, that Nissan will be the leader on manufacture of cars with zero emission. As he said, mass production of model Nissan on batteries will begin in 2012.

Earlier Nissan showed a test electromobile in a body of model Cube. It was informed, that the model with the electromotor in a unique body will be presented in Yokohama on August, 2nd. As, occurrence of production versions of electromobiles for models Cube and Tiida is probable.

2010 Nissan Tiida

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