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Nissan has presented a prototype on the basis of Versa

Zero Emission

Company Nissan has presented a prototype of a new electromobile of last generation Nissan Ev Zero Emissions Versa. The previous prototype have constructed on the basis of model Cube, and new — on the basis of Versa.

Nissan Ev Zero Emission Versa

The car is equipped by a forward drive, the 108-strong electronic engine and the li-ionic accumulator of working out Automotive Energy Supply Corp. One additional charge of the battery suffices approximately on 100 miles. The navigating system automatically displays a distance of an admissible route at a current charge of the accumulator, and also an arrangement of the nearest refuellings.

Among other things, about a charge of the storage battery it is possible to enquire far off, for example, through a mobile phone.

2010 Nissan LEAF EV

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