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The best cars for crisis 2009

Toyota Prius

The most economic car — Toyota Prius the third generation!

The model has won first place in a rating of 10 most "green" cars of the year made by American analytical agency Kelley Blue Book.

Toyota Prius spends only 4,7 litres for 100 km in the mixed cycle. The second place is awarded Honda Insgiht 2010 modelling years with result of 5,7 litres on 100 km. Closes a three of leaders hybrid Ford Fusion 2010 which expense of fuel makes 6 litres on 100 km.

Also to ten have got:
Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI 2009 (6,9 l/100 of km)
MINI Cooper 2009 (7,35 l/100 of km)
Hybrid Ford Escape 2009 (7,4 l/100 of km)
Honda Fit (Jazz) 2009 (7,6 l/100 of km)
BMW 335d 2009 (8,7 l/100 of km)
Hybrid Toyota Highlander 2009 (9 l/100 of km)
Hybrid Chevrolet Silverado 2009 (11,2 l/100 of km).