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Ford GT from Heffner's Performance

Supercar Ford GT

Legendary supercar Ford GT revive any more first time. The limited version of model GT about which speech will go more low, is created by forces of two celebrities in the motor industry world.

Supercar Ford GT

Camilo Pardo the supercar from Ford Motor Company, and Jason Heffner — a successful tuner-experimenter is the main designer, also Mr. Heffner is the owner of studio Heffner's Performance.

By common efforts Heffner and Pardo have created project Heffner Camilo Pardo Edition Ford GT which differs from the original supercar special two-coloured colouring in racing style, black stylish wheels from BBS and the new back bumper, made in torture chambers of workshop Classic Design Concepts. The main value of special model is covered under a cowl.

"Heart" of it Ford GT have supplied with system "twin-turbo" of manufacture Heffner's Performance, for the account of that power has grown to 900HP. Details concerning the price and number limited Heffner Camilo Pardo Edition Ford GT yet it's not informed.

2011 Ford GT

Legendary Ford GT

Ford GT