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Tata Nano from GM will cost $4,000

Tata Nano

Concern General Motors has confirmed the intention on working out and the beginning of manufacture of the supercheap compact car which will make a competition to minicar Tata Nano and will cost about four thousand dollars.

Tata Nano

On it informs edition The Wall Street Journal referring to the message of executive vice-president GM on international operations Nick Reilly.

Sales of car Tata Nano which is considered as the cheapest car in the world, have begun summer of current year in India. On a place the market this minicar in a base complete set is on sale for 140,000 rupees ($2,880US) whereas the car in full equipment will manage in 185,000 rupees ($3,800US). We will notice, that the starting price for model Nano has appeared on 40,000 rupees more than in the company planned initially.

As has noted Reilly, in GM we do not plan to make the accessible car same cheap, as Nano. "We are not going to reduce so the price as it will be really especial car for the especial market, distinct from existing in the USA or Brazil. All of us are full determination to adjust manufacture of supercheap cars, however, yet we do not know where they begin to be issued and on sale. The most probable variant for both cases is Asia", — has declared Reilly.

According to some information, such car can be issued at Indian factory GM in the city of Talegaon with which conveyor, predictably, already in the beginning of next year to be issued a certain compact car of concern while carrying code name M300. As it was informed earlier, the supercheap cars also prepare concern Fiat (release will begin in India in 2012) and alliance Renault-Nissan.

Tata Nano for India