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Crossover Acura MDX

Acura MDX

The middle of 2009 — time of restyling of crossovers in company Acura ruler. Renewed Acura RDX already with might and main is on sale in the North US car market.

2011 Acura MDX

Crossover Acura MDX has lost 2010 modelling years former originality. The new lattice of a radiator and the altered forward bumper with trapezes of air inlets remind of sedan Acura TL. Behind all is recognised, despite the changed form of a back bumper and final branch pipes in the form of a trapeze.

Similar new things and at RDX. And here that the car has not received, so it's appreciable reforms in technical area, unlike senior "brother" MDX. However, power remained at level 300HP, and draught also has at all decreased with 373 to 366Nm. In many respects thanks to more modern transmission Acura MDX became more economic: 12,9 l on 100 km in the mixed cycle against "prereform" 13,7.

Restyling cars with the updated equipment and the improved materials of furnish of salon will appear in States in September. It's supposed, that the prices will begin with a $42 thousand mark (at present $40,990). For the inquiry: BMW X5 xDrive30i and Mercedes ML 350 are on sale for $47,500 and $45,700 accordingly.

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