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Epson prepares «a black box» for the car

Black box

The newest working out of the company represents the controller for devices of the video shooting conducted during movement. Popularity so-called «black boxes» for cars, promptly grows not only in Japan, but here recently electronics companies-developers increase efforts on working out of similar devices.

Epson informs on end of working out of new controller S2S65A30. He allows to operate videorecording process in real time from several videocameras, to process the received image for the further storage. S2S65A30 it is developed on the basis of previous model S2S65A00 and differs the improved speed and compactness.

Convenience of application of "black boxes» consists in possibility to write down everything, an event during movement to facilitate trials in case of road accident, and also to know about the way done by the car to details. Both moments represent special interest for the commercial organisations and state institutions, but start all to be used by private persons more actively.

Orders for controller Epson S2S65A30 acquisition will start to accept already in the end of August.