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Ford for three years will update 90% of a lineup


By 2012 company Ford plans to update the most part of the lineup.

As the financial director of a motor-car manufacturer Lewis But has declared to American edition The Detroit News, will be modernised from 70 to 90% of the cars which are on sale practically in all world markets, including the North America, Europe, Africa and Asian-Pacific region.

The financial director also has noticed, that in the near future company Ford is full determination to reduce expenses for manufacture to 14 billion dollars (for comparison, in 2005 this indicator was on one billion dollars more), to reduce expenses on the equipment of the enterprises on 40%, and also to make working out of new cars for 60% more cheaply. Besides, in three years it is planned to finish a share of the cars constructed on a uniform platform, to 78%. In five years on the same chassis will be issued on the average 680 thousand cars (at present — only 345 thousand cars).

As it was informed earlier, one of the first will modernise cars Focus and C-Max — new versions of these models will appear next year. Also company Ford expects to carry out face lifting procedure each three years and to achieve by 2014 of reduction of age of models approximately for 20%.