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Honda has informed about updated Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

Company Honda has informed on details of the new model — pickup Ridgeline 2010 which are modernised version Ridgeline 2006 — the first four-door pickup which has received a five-point estimation on crash tests.

2010 Honda Ridgeline

Model 2010 will be accessible in two complete sets — RT and RTS, but on cost of any of them till now is informed nothing. «Honda Ridgeline it is allocated with special ability to transport a boat, boats and so forth» — are spoken Erik Berkman by vice-president American Honda Motor. «Reliability in the most extreme situations».

The maximum loading new Ridgeline makes 2,250kg, equipped with the integrated system of the towage, the strengthened brakes, a powerful radiator and so forth. Safety pillows enter into standard complete set Honda Ridgeline, the pressure monitoring system in tyres, automatic inclusion of headlights, active headrests ABS, VSA. Basic specification Honda Ridgeline 2010 is similar to it:

pickup Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline 2010

Interior Honda Ridgeline

Technical characteristics of Honda Ridgeline

3.5-litre engine V-6 SOHC VTEC;
Power of 250HP;
The twisting moment of 340Nm;
The fuel expense: 16/12/14 l on 100 km — a city/line;
Independent back and forward suspension bracket.

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