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Honda has updated cars Inspire

Honda Inspire

Company Honda has carried out modernisation of high quality sports sedans Inspire. On novelty sale have appeared on August, 27th.

2011 Honda Inspire

Change of a design of the updated cars has allowed to achieve lower noise level. Besides, the leather salon of novelties is accessible now in colour to an ivory (earlier the leather salon in Honda Inspire could be only black colour). The price of the updated car 35TL makes 3,300,000 yens, and improved 35iL it is possible to get for 3,900,000 yens (the prices are specified taking into account the tax).

As to colouring, the car is accessible in 6 colour variations: white nacre, black nacre, a silvery metallic, steel, red nacre and dark blue nacre. The salon from a fabric under suede is accessible in unique colour — black.

Honda Inspire (sedan)

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