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In the USA have created supercars on the basis of Chevrolet Corvette

SV 9 Competizione

American company SV Motor Co has officially presented SV 9 Competizione and has published photos of this supercar.

SV 9 Competizione

Sports coupe it's created on the basis of Chevrolet Corvette; as founders declare, their problem was to combine the Italian notes in design and the American approach to power and controllability.

As a result the car has received the lines close on style to Ferrari Daytona or 599 GTB, and power of classical engine LS3 V8 has increased to 450HP. According to the manufacturer, such indicators allow SV 9 Competizione to be dispersed to 100 km/h for 4,0 sec.

Supplement an image of the magnificent supercar special options of a suspension bracket, highly effective sports brakes and tyre covers Pirelli P-Zero Rosso. SV9 Competizione it's made by the limited series in 1,000 copies at the price of $99,995US for the car.

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