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Japanese Insight

Tuning Honda Insight

Company Exclusive Zeus has presented a package for improvement of appearance of the most accessible hybrid in the car market.

Honda Insight by Exclusive Zeus

The Japanese tuning studio not so often undertake tuning of hybrids, but probably the situation starts to vary and growth of offers in the market of similar cars becomes the reason for that. When it is a question of the thoroughbred hybrid, similar Toyota Prius or Honda Insight offers of the independent companies practically are absent, and only firm packages from manufacturers are accessible.

To correct a situation Japanese company Exclusive Zeus undertakes. Designers of the company create a tuning package for Honda Insight, executed in purely Japanese style: the minimum road clearance and an aggressive aerodynamic weather-cloth. Honda Insight receives new bumpers, wide overlays on the thresholds, the modernised lattice of a radiator etc.

New Honda Insight

In a forward bumper additional light-emitting diode headlights are placed. The lattice of a radiator and a mask round the bottom part are painted in black colour, irrespective of primary colour of a body. The road gleam is lowered, there were chromeplated carbon wheels. On changes in salon it is informed nothing.

The car suspension bracket is set by the purpose to lower a road gleam, other problems, in particular, to increase rigidity, developers did not put. The hybrid power-plant remained without changes, therefore dynamic indicators of the car former. Cost of a tuning package is not informed. While the car is accessible only in Japan and about car export targets it's not known.

2010 Honda Insight

New style for Honda Insight