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Kids Heart has transformed Nissan GT-R

Nissan M35 Stagea

The children's imagination is capable to work wonders. The stick turns to a sword or a gun, and it is possible to build the superb lock from sand. Tuners from Japanese studio Kids Heart took universal Nissan M35 Stagea and have imagined, as if it's supercar GT-R.

Nissan M35 Stagea

But to what entertainments were reduced? On a boring body have simply got on a muzzle from «GT-R»! But the changed appearance at all has not approached the versatile person to GT-R in that, as to road performance. Nevertheless in a ruler of motors Stagea there are quite good variants. For example, "turbodiesel" 2,5 VQ25DET power of 272 h.p., giving out twisting moment 407 Nm. However, at will of the client tuners can squeeze under a cowl and turbo-engine RB26DETT from previous generation GT-R R34.

2011 Nissan Stagea

Nissan Stagea

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