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Mazda MX-5 — the most famous cabriolet

Cabriolet Mazda MX-5

Last year has brought weight of new open cars from a budgetary segment which are constructed almost under a carbon paper.

Cabriolet Mazda MX-5

Repeating idea Peugeot 307 CC, in a golf class appears Volkswagen EOS, Opel Astra TwinTop, and also twins-brothers Volvo C70 and Ford Focus. Still a little bit — and release of coupe-cabriolets Koreans and Chineses will be engaged...

Meanwhile, technologically advanced Japanese not so hurries up on the market of coupe-cabriolets — yet is not issued any open model on the basis of golf class cars. But independent models like Mazda МХ-5 which has reincarnated recently already in the third generation prosper and since 2002 appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular roadster in the world: it is sold more than 800,000 cars...

Despite the Japanese origin, the main commodity market for МХ-5 was and there is England. Despite of damp and not the most solar climate, British have passed for the big fans of open cars, especially classical roadsters.

Coupe cabriolet Mazda

Actually, the idea of creation МХ-5 belongs to British. Company Lotus was engaged in working out of first generation МХ-5 designers, but in the end of 80-s' the energy crisis has not allowed to start the car in manufacture, and the prototype has been sold to Japanese.

Those years Mazda dominated among the Japanese manufacturers in Europe, family 626, predecessor Mazda6, some years became the most sold import car in Germany successively. And release of the roadster developed on the best European canons, but collected by laborious Japanese hands, has appeared very opportunely.

At МХ-5 as then, and now practically there are no competitors. The roadster of last generation is constructed on the truncated chassis legendary sports-coupe RX-8, and thanks to the modest motor is on sale for quite accessible sum of money. Naturally power of engine Mazda concedes to eminent contenders, but also at the price of Mazda much more low.

2011 Mazda MX-5 (cabriolet)

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