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Mitsubishi Motor reduces manufacture

Workers of factory

On Friday company Mitsubishi Motors has informed data on volumes of manufacture and sales of cars for July of current year. As they say in the press release, release of cars of mark Mitsubishi worldwide is reduced already throughout 17 months, thus in July has been collected 63,540 cars, that for 45,6% it is less, than for the same month of 2008. Manufacture in Japan was reduced to 54,2% — to 35,780 automobile and commercial cars.

Number of sold cars Mitsubishi in Japan is reduced 23 month on end. In July in the local market 14,422 cars have been realised, that for 6,3% it is less, than for similar month of last year. Sales of the Japanese company fall even in spite of the fact that and Colt Plus — demand for compact hatchbacks Colt has increased by 33 and 27% accordingly.

In July manufacture volumes at foreign enterprises Mitsubishi also have decreased. For example, in the North America it is made for 67,8% of less cars, than for this month last year, in Europe — for 0,1%, in Asia — for 28,3%. Manufacture growth is noticed only on Taiwan and in China.

Besides it, the number of cars Mitsubishi exported from Japan has decreased for 63,6% — to 17,161 pieces. To Asia it has been put for 7,1% of less cars, and to Europe — for 88,4%. Thus into the North America at the expense of growth of popularity of off-road cars Outlander in Canada it has been imported for 9,4% of cars more than last year.

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