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New US Supercar: Devon GTX

Devon GTX

Supercar DevonWithin the limits of magnificent exhibition Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, starting on August, 15th, Californian company Devon Motorworks has presented new supercar Devon GTX. As the author of the project Swedish designer Daniel Paulin has acted, and for a basis was is taken legendary Dodge Viper.Supercar Devon GTX

Devon GTX

Devon GTX has received a carbon body, and also 8,4-litre V10. This petrol monster gives out 650HP at 6150rpm.

On an assurance of representatives Devon Motorworks, within the limits of tests for racing line Mazda — Laguna Seca they managed to beat a world record for serial supercars. Novelty sales start next year. Cost Devon GTX will make nearby $91,000US.

Supercar Devon