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New Daihatsu Mira Cocoa — specially for women

Compact car

The compact model for home market of Japan focused on a fine half of Japanese society should become the cosy and friendly assistant to modern ladies. Daihatsu Motor begins sales in Japan new version Mira — one of the models most popular. Updating Mira Cocoa has own appearance which is distinct from standard Mira. The compact car it is developed with such account to cause positive emotions in associates and first of all at women, after all their company sees as main buyers Mira Cocoa.

2011 Mira Cocoa

The car of class Kei completely corresponds to requirements of the segment. The unique offered engine is 3-cylinder 660 petrol. Power of the engine of 58 h.p., and the twisting moment of 65 Nm. Certainly. "Mechanics" in a combination with Mira Cocoa is not offered: the variator and a traditional 4-step automatic transmission on the basis of the hydrotransformer are accessible. Thus Mira Cocoa it is possible to get both with forward, and with a full drive.

Salon equipment traditionally for cars of a similar class: the conditioner, an electropackage, a fabric upholstery. Colour of furnish, certainly, colours of cocoa. In general, speaking about why the model has received name Cocoa, experts in marketing assert, that it is made on purpose to cause sensation of a house cosiness and calmness which can be received behind a cup of hot cocoa.

Ladies car

Salon ladies car

Interior Mira Cocoa