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New diesel motor for Avensis

Toyota Avensis

2,2-litre diesel engine D-CAT becomes the newest offer. The engine differs high characteristics and is simultaneously rather economic, corresponding at this the to ecological specifications. Power of a 4-cylinder diesel engine makes 150HP, twisting moment — 340 Nm in a range between 2 000. The new diesel engine allows the car to be dispersed to 100 km/h for 9,5 with. For model with a body a sedan and 9,8 with. In version Tourer (with a body universal). The fuel expense makes, 6,4 l/100 of km in the mixed cycle agree to data of the manufacturer.

2011 Toyota Avensis

The diesel engine is combined with 6-step automatic transmission. The similar combination is realised for the first time on cars Toyota in Europe in the given segment. Cost Toyota Avensis with a new diesel engine makes in the Great Britain in the minimum complete set of 21,515 pounds sterling.

Besides a diesel engine, Toyota increases number of the countries where the base 1,6-litre petrol engine is accessible. Till this moment Avensis with the similar engine it was possible to get in the several countries of Europe, now Toyota Avensis it's accessible and in the Great Britain.

1,6-litre petrol engine Valvematic has power in 132HP. In a combination to 6-step mechanical transmission (for the given engine "mechanics" is offered only) it allows Toyota Avensis to be dispersed to 100 km/h for 10,4 with.

The fuel expense makes of 6,5 l/100 in the mixed cycle of km. The given engine is accessible to versions with a body a sedan and the versatile person in complete sets T2 and TR. Cost Avensis with the 1,6-litre engine in the base version makes from 16 485 pounds sterling.