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Nissan cars will receive a new system the Dual Injector

Engine model

Since 2010 company Nissan will start to complete serial cars new system of giving of fuel Dual Injector (a double injector). The system reduces the fuel expense. On the majority of petrol engines on each cylinder put on one injector submitting fuel in two inlet channels.

Dual Injector by Nissan

The new system doubles number of injectors on the cylinder, allowing to reduce diameter of drops of fuel approximately on 60% that will promote smoother and stable ignition. Also adjustment of opening of valves from release is provided. Dual Injector will increase efficiency of the expense of fuel by 4%.

New Nissan technology differs from system of direct injection of fuel in smaller cost, smaller weight and more simple design. Dual Injector can be based on engines of small volume where to apply system of direct injection of fuel too difficult and it is unprofitable.

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