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Nissan creates exclusively female car

Nissan Micra

Company Nissan has carried out analytical research of the factors, most negatively influencing a condition of women-drivers in the conditions of city movement, and has tried to minimise them by means of the improved navigating system.

New Nissan Micra Connect

The Japanese motor-car manufacturer has carried out own research which purpose was to find out Europe, that most negatively influences a condition of the woman at the wheel. Women took part in special interrogation at the age from 18 till 55 years, mostly from France, the Great Britain and Italy. Participants could name some variants.

It was found out, that on the first place among the factors causing stress, there is a question of search of a parking lot — the factor had appeared 57% of women-drivers are anxious. On the second place with result in 48% there was a fear to get to a stopper. Closes a three of stressful factors fear to lose the way (46%). Other important factors had appeared fear to appear in road during a thunder-storm or a bad weather in general (42%) and necessity to park the car at a roadside in the limited space between two other cars (40%).

It is remarkable, that about third of Frenchwomen and Englishwomen admitted, that test the greatest stress when in the car near to them there is own husband, and about third of Italians worry the maximum stress when passengers are parents. Thus, however, only 18% of Frenchwomen and still smaller number of Italians and Englishwomen test stress when transport in the car of own children.

Analyzing the obtained data, the Japanese company has come to conclusion what to relieve a fine half of mankind of the majority of factors of stress — a problem quite solved. Nissan Motor intends to make it by means of the new version Nissan Micra equipped with improved system of navigation Nissan Connect. In the European countries the system of navigation Nissan Connect will help not only to lay as much as possible economic and safe route, but also will warn about stoppers, changes of weather and even will help with a parking lot choice. Voice-activated control functions are as much as possible facilitated and expanded simultaneously.

Besides an electronic stuffing, in salon Micra some strokes which will have to taste to women are added. Nissan Micra Connect will enter the European market in September. Car cost will make from $16,500US. For Micra Connect any engines offered at present for model, from 1,2-litre petrol (65HP) to a 1,5-litre diesel engine (86HP) will be accessible.

2011 Nissan Micra Connect

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